For the remaining part of the Women’s Month which comes to an end today, we thought it fit to celebrate all the amazing phenomenal women who have contributed immensely in one one or the other, to our success as a Foundation.

These are women of timber and caliber who believed in us and supported our vision and mission in one significant way or another, all at no cost from us and yet at great cost to themselves. They gave us of their time and expertise and resources freely and unreservedly. It thus seemed fitting that this year as we celebrated International Women’s Day, we also celebrate these women because they are our SHeros.

So, below are the 18 Phenomenal Women who are the SHEROS of Glory Ifezue Foundation for Women and Youth Initiative. Join us and celebrate them for all they do for mankind and humanity.

To read a little more about each woman and how she contributed to our success story, check out our Instagram page here or our Facebook page here or if you prefer LinkedIn, then here and if Twitter is your forte, then here.

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