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Nigeria, A Land Where Laws Only Work When It Is Self-Serving – The Ongoing VAT Debacle and Tax War Between the Federal Government and Rivers State.

The ordeal of child domestic workers in Nigeria.

The Neoteric Policy Publicist is a policy database that would educate the average Nigerian on all governance issues in Nigeria, especially from the legal angle, and what it means for them. Our vision is to be a repository of knowledge that is easily accessible to every Nigerian, both young and old. We aim to cover all relevant public policies that the average Nigerian should be aware of, in simple everyday language that all can understand. Our database will cover information in all formats, both written words and artistic depictions.

We also accept submissions for publications as part of our database. Feel free to send any short public policy write-up you may have at any time on or before the 20th of each month to gloryifezuefoundation@gmail.com.

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