The ordeals of child domestic workers in Nigeria.

In the past couple of years, we’ve read hideous news feeds of abuses on young domestic workers in Nigeria, thanks to social media. In 2020, a woman chopped off her domestic worker’s finger in Onitsha, Anambra (, Sep 24, 2020). Similar incident had happened in 2014 (read here). In 2021, a 10-year-old domestic worker wasContinue reading “The ordeals of child domestic workers in Nigeria.”

ENDSARS Commemorative Guest Article – Of Nigerians, Policing and the Social Contract: Reflections on The Nigerian Police Post #ENDSARS.

Chimezie Udechukwu in this commemorative piece beautifully makes the nexus between the social contract and the duty of the Nigerian police force and what that means for reforming the Nigerian Police Force as demanded by the ENDSARS agitations.